Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm just..

 I believe in second chances. I just don't believe that everyone deserves them

Don't be too confident when someone tells you that they love you, the real question is "until when"?. Because just like season, people change and so do feelings. never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. 

As life goes on, we realize, everything changes. People change. Friends change. Things change. But change is good. It makes you stronger as a person, teaches you who your real friends are, and you learn to not depend on others for happiness.

i'm just saying because i've learned from my own mistakes. yet i'm not regret with the past. it teach me what do's n don'ts. thanks a lot for my past and all the mistakes that i've done. i've learned through them. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

there are no perfect fathers..

firstly, all of you must watch this video. then, you can conclude it by yourself. :) (tu dia english aku tunggang terbalik..haha..but who cares?? )

there are no perfect fathers..
 but a father will always love perfectly.. 

remember to care for those who care for you.

p/s : i am SPEECHLESS. sebak sat. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm not rihanna.

i'm not rihanna that love the way you lie. i hate it! 


I would rather accept the painful TRUTH, rather to believe the beautiful LIES.

3 things I hate more than anything: lying, broken promises, and false pretenses..

A Difference BetweenTRUTH AND LIE..

"TRUTH" is a Debit Card Pay First And Enjoy Later.
"LIE" is a Credit Card Enjoy First & Pay Later.

Secrets and lies is like a time bomb, once you lied the bomb starts ticking...in a matter of time the bomb will explode and secrets nor lies will eventually be expose...unless you try to defuse it by means killing yourself will solve the problems


it's better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.. 

you guess what??

let me tell you this, its funny when people try to play games with your mind and heart. but they don't realize that the gamer will become the player.

It takes 5 seconds to earn my friendship, 5 minutes to earn my respect, 5 days to earn my 
trust... but only takes 1 mistake to end it all for good.

all in all i have to remember that..

trust and respect. . .so hard to gain, so easy to lose.

you are already losed it all from me. mind that. 

If someone in your life cannot see the gift from God you are in their life, then maybe they don't deserve you.

and now...

"No one can change a person, but someone can be the reason for a person to change". 
 – Spongebob


this is a new me. yes. i'm changed. i'm not the old person that you know well before this. be aware. i'll never ever let you stepped my head again. i'll not be too good person anymore. i'm not simply put my trust to anyone especially you.


Monday, August 8, 2011

dah la tak puasa pastu makan depan orang pulak!

hang tu dah besaq dah kot..dah jadi bapak budak oke...and anak-anak hang tu pon dah nak kahwin kot. kalau ya pon hang tak puasa, jangan la makan depan anak-anak hang! yang besar-besar tak pa la faham.

yang kecik-kecik ni ha..dok belajar cara puasa. eh, hang ni tak malu ka? bila hang makan depan anak-anak hang, depa tegur, "eh..abah tak puasa..ha...abah makan depan kami." kamon la..malu la sama..jangan nak salahkan anak-anak hang bila besar nanti depa tak hormat hang. sebab hang yang tak hormat depa dulu. hang tak ajar anak-anak hang hormat orang berpuasa. hang gagal didik anak-anak hang!  

boleh pulak mintak bini hang tolong ambilkan air oren untuk hang minum. hang ni gila ka apa ha??!! hang tak tau ka tu sama la macam bini hang bersubahat hang tak puasa. aku tau la hang letih pon. ellow...aku pon letih what...aku lagi la..perempuan. kudrat aku tak sama dengan kudrat hang sebagai seorang laki. such a loser ah hang! pastu nak marah and maki hamun anak-anak hang bila tak behave. hang tu yang tak behave diri hang dulu! hey! talk to the mirror ah!

setakat pi berniaga ja kot. agak-agak la hang nak batalkan puasa hang! zaman Rasulullah SAW dulu, depa perang kot masa bulan puasa. tak dak la pulak depa nak batalkan puasa untuk berperang. ouh..betapa lemahnya iman hang. semakin nipis iman dalam diri hang. hang tu sepatutnya jadi contoh untuk family hang. makin tua makin matang. makin bertambah iman hang. ni tak. segalanya terbalik. 

satu lagi, kalau hang tak puasa hang qadha tak pa jugak. ni tak. dah tujuh tahun hang tak qadha puasa hang. pastu tambah lagi dengan tahun ni. haih...aku tak tau la berapa banyak fidyah hang patut bayar sebab tak qadha puasa. dekat kampung aku tengok orang-orang kampung aku macam ni la suasana time bulan puasa. aku tengok depan mata aku sendiri.

dah la tak puasa, pi melahap makanan depan-depan kami semua. bongok la! aku time tak boleh puasa pon malu nak makan depan orang and depan adik-adik aku. ampa tak. dah la langgah air daun ketum. gila tak dak adab and tak bertamadun! bila time bukak puasa, depa melahap lebih mengalahkan orang yang berpuasa. bila raya depa yang sakan sekali. pelik kan??

seyesly, aku memang pandang rendah dengan orang yang tak hormati bulan puasa. makan depan orang yang berpuasa, bergelak-gelak kepuasan sebab bangga dengan tindakan tu. sangat bodoh dimata aku! yup! bodoh!! depa tak sedar tindakan tu akan makan diri dan dilaknat Allah. hm..no wonder la hidup macam tak dak arah tujuan..rupanya rahmat Allah dah hilang.