Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i'm just..

 I believe in second chances. I just don't believe that everyone deserves them

Don't be too confident when someone tells you that they love you, the real question is "until when"?. Because just like season, people change and so do feelings. never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. 

As life goes on, we realize, everything changes. People change. Friends change. Things change. But change is good. It makes you stronger as a person, teaches you who your real friends are, and you learn to not depend on others for happiness.

i'm just saying because i've learned from my own mistakes. yet i'm not regret with the past. it teach me what do's n don'ts. thanks a lot for my past and all the mistakes that i've done. i've learned through them. 



i believe i can fly.. :D

Lea IsNaw!

betul2 jangan mudah percaya dan menaruh harapan pada sesorg
bila kecewa


..juge percaya adanya peluang ke2.harap2 semuanya ok kan :)


semalam merupakan pengalaman & cikgu yang paling berharga... ^_^"


fikri : haha..then proceed.

lea : haha...twar ati lbih truk dri mkn ati. :D

harith : hehe...prcya tp xsuma berhak dpt pluang kdua.

aien : absolutely!! :D


terime kaseh kenangan lalu yg menusuk kalbu..err?? apakah?? :D


hahaha...sengal la!! :P


haha..ohh bukan eh?? :D


there is no such thing as everlasting luv, hell i've started to question the very foundation of luv between ajnabi.

there was interest.
the one that drive him to u,

there was sexual attraction towards opposite sex.
the one that make him shake the to'kadi's hand.

there is commitment,
'hell, we're buying this house together, raising the kid together.. lets make this work okeh'

then there will be 'fear of the documentation.'
surat cerai, pembahagian harta, hak penjagaan anak anak...

in the end it'll be the comfort zone.
u'll be in your comfortable zone.
just go on with him till death do u part.

Where is the love? - black eyed peas.


hee=) same goes here. past is past and apa yang dh belaku itu la yg dnamakan khidupan kn misvivo. =) btw, keep smiling and heppy2x selalu.


hehe...snyum sokmo.

@syrupmasin : haha...ye la 2. :D