Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm not rihanna.

i'm not rihanna that love the way you lie. i hate it! 


I would rather accept the painful TRUTH, rather to believe the beautiful LIES.

3 things I hate more than anything: lying, broken promises, and false pretenses..

A Difference BetweenTRUTH AND LIE..

"TRUTH" is a Debit Card Pay First And Enjoy Later.
"LIE" is a Credit Card Enjoy First & Pay Later.

Secrets and lies is like a time bomb, once you lied the bomb starts a matter of time the bomb will explode and secrets nor lies will eventually be expose...unless you try to defuse it by means killing yourself will solve the problems


it's better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.. 

you guess what??

let me tell you this, its funny when people try to play games with your mind and heart. but they don't realize that the gamer will become the player.

It takes 5 seconds to earn my friendship, 5 minutes to earn my respect, 5 days to earn my 
trust... but only takes 1 mistake to end it all for good.

all in all i have to remember that..

trust and respect. . .so hard to gain, so easy to lose.

you are already losed it all from me. mind that. 

If someone in your life cannot see the gift from God you are in their life, then maybe they don't deserve you.

and now...

"No one can change a person, but someone can be the reason for a person to change". 
 – Spongebob


this is a new me. yes. i'm changed. i'm not the old person that you know well before this. be aware. i'll never ever let you stepped my head again. i'll not be too good person anymore. i'm not simply put my trust to anyone especially you.



Anep Radzi

nice...say stuju ngn awak...
sy pun x ske org mnipu..
once menipu ssh ar nk caye blik..


moving on to a better life! goodluck!

Cik Ca'ah

go mv,go mv!


nur atiqah wahida

saya setuju!!

go MV!!!


i love the way you lie :p

Cik tikah

i like this entry. superb! :)

fadh leyanie

sokong dengan semua kata2 di atas,,jangan terlalu baik sangat,,bila terlampau baik,,org senang nak buli kita.


nice entri dear.. :)


org suke amik ksmpatn akn kjujuran kite kan...

♥ adlin roshaida ♥

same goes to me :)


tindakan yg bijak..
baik sgt pon x boleh..
jahat sgt pon x boleh..
diri kta sndiri kna pndai hndle perangai2 mnusia kt luar tu..


anda seorang yg pemarah?


anda seorang yg pemarah?


yes. Tell the truth even it is painful.

Winner vs Loser


keep on moving beb!!!!


people change..
keep on moving ;)


berani berubah & menghadapi perubahan..

moving forward Miss ViVio.. ^_^"


hahahaha....quote spongebob pon nak letak....

singgah2 la sini ye :)


sometimes you need to talk to a 2 year old just so that u can understand life again. even dia juz kartoon, tp byk pngajaran yg blh kita ambil. :) yg tua dari kita x smstinya dia matang. yg muda dari kta x smstinya pmikiran dia xdpt diterima. it same goes to spongebob. :)

syrupmasin hai rihanna :D


hahahaha....i'm not rihanna.



Liyana Zahim

Ok ok i wont i wont~


samala sama ..i hate the way people lie .truth might be hurt but at least its the truth . .its right . . .
Kalau kena tipu sakitnya Tuhan jelah ygtahu.

Lea IsNaw!

tak suka pembohong jugak!


hahaha...sya x ska org bohong. juz tell me the truth. i can accpet it even it's hard. but it's better than lying. :)